Newtin - A (Auburn Hills, MI)

Ticket Response Inquiry

Ticket responses retrieved through this program are provided by participating utility owners and/or their authorized agents. MISS DIG System, Inc. assumes no liability for the provided response.

Attention: The following color coding applies to facility owner/ operator and are effective as of 3/1/15
GREEN- Dig with caution following PA174 requirements
YELLOW- Contact facility owner operator, Dig with caution following PA174 requirements
RED- Do not Dig

Response Definitions

What is my next step if I see a yellow or red response from a facility owner/ operator and my work date and time has arrived?
If you are ready to begin excavation on project and your response due date time has arrived or passed, but you see responses facility owner/ operator responses color coded yellow or red you will need to contact the notification center by dialing 811. Ask for additional assistance from those facility owner/ operators who have responded with yellow or red responses before you can begin your project. The facility owner/ operators will have set timelines to respond to the additional assistance request, which you can verify with the notification center representative when you call.